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The Mother - Deaf, Dumb, and Blind

Of course I loved him

He was her first

Prince curley blond golden hair

Spilling light as glittering as was his intelligence

Which had grown from the earth at an early age

Before his birth perhaps as birthing which was not his mothers

Calling it nearly split her permanently in two

As were so many of my soul sisters at that time - of the 60’s

And the time before that of our mothers

Chained to motherhood with no other options

We watched - souls dimming as they labored unloved -

As chamber maids and only a woman as only a woman driver

Is too stupid to learn anything but to serve and be dismissed even for that

And when yer a girl and you start to hate girls too and that stays with you

And you are ashamed of anything that connotes female and you automatically

Become the prediction, mind becomes numb and no sense can be made of numbers 

Because that is too confining because you might be caught so it is best to have mind fog so

No one is surprised at your stupidity, at least that is what I did. I let it pass tho- the not good enough thing.

Of course I am hysterical

Better that than deaf dumb and blind counting numbers

And making endless marks on a paper all the same

To nail your mind to the ground

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