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Hope and Trepidation, 2016

And now darling you
answered me and were not afraid to tell
me the truth of how afraid you are too and I too am
afraid and I tremble
because of our bravery
we have no guarantees of anything and
that is why I call you
beloved while I still can
dazzled and want to be
because it is in the wilderness of this frontier we are on
the frontier that happens when we confront the dying
and the killing of the planet . Are we entering the age of great grieving?
These are precious days for us because we don’t know very much
except what our dreams tell us
before assumptions and expectations
these are holy days that will not come again
we will become older and more used
and protected and expected but we may become more
used to each other like familiar
old shoes - isn’t the future always like that
it’s just that now the present seems like the future
as I talk to you imagining you and the real you will unfold
and you will know me by my
colors and I will know you by your courage loving the
way you tell the truth
dear one darling I am cheering for you as you sing for
safety. Tell me how you are shy.
I cannot imagine that you understand me most people don’t but this
must be the reason
we met. I too want to hold you. Touch your fingers
and breathe on you with you share your breath.For I am an animal and share the water and the air and
my air is diminishing and my water my sleek fur which
holds the sunlight and bathes by the sea and I can no
longer hear the sea because it is polluted and I am
crying with the polar bear and the seal blest be the tie
that binds us in blood and water beloved earth adn air
and all the animals and plants and insects and
everything that crawls and cannot find a home -
devastation and barren deserts - sing for the animals
slam for the animal for they have no voice and for the
emptiness of the earth with out them.

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