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I grew up in New England in the 50’s and 60’s without the conventional restraints and expectations placed on most of my peers. Left to my own devices I spent many hours alone playing on the railroad tracks behind our house. I was able to look at things thru my own lens inspiring me to put pen to paper. This freedom was an integral part of my identity and development as an artist. For this I am very grateful.

My work is not literal, it is free associative. What arises out of that unplanned aspect is often the most interesting to me. I enjoy the unexpected juxtaposition of forms. I like the immediacy of this way of working, rarely going back to change or rework it.

These are my first big drawings done on paper with markers. Markers are the best tool to translate what I see and feel directly on to the paper. I am comfortable with them.  No fuss.
With a marker the medium doesn’t get in the way. I prefer to draw people I know and am close to. I generally draw from life impromptu but these large recent works are posed. Because I am less rushed I can sink deeper into the body and find new ways of seeing it. I am moved by its beauty.


I don’t know if they are good or bad -

I just like to look at them. My nude people drawings. 

I could keep working at them 

until they are all just black with little flickers of white peeking out like stars.  

Then they would be like a film where the bodies become star dust. 

I think we are all made of star dust like everything else. 

Tina K. Olsen


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