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It is a surface mask and the light is beginning to shine thru.

And strange incomprehensible symbols and there all the crosses and red crosses - blood and the emergency help and crosses crossings and windows and morning light and the windows and sunset  on the right - is the light - fresh light of dawn on the other other side and those eyes are just beginning to have light  and the old hands tho battered. It is me. I stare I am transparent I am 6 years old again and I keep painting - I see it is my daughter who is suffering. I am stunned into the truth.


Dream 9-21-20

A large fattish woman with thick brown braids the leader of the group of blond women who are like gypsies crossing the country - they are all swimming she on her back - I find her distasteful - they file into bleachers in a gym - they have brought with them a herd of cows who are pets they are shipped wherever they go on trains. They are about to be apprehended by the police. We are with them in a gymnasium and Sky has walked away from me wearing a cowboy hat .

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