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We are all of us together me and my two sisters -  I am the only one very - very upset crying unstoppably because at 10 o'clock Linda must be electrocuted. My mother who is like a shadow not crying has disappeared to go to witness her electrocution gone ahead without me gone with Becky and I am alone and am asking judge like looking people where does one go to be there for electrocutions where do they take place no one knows - these are all elderly white men of that ilk who look like lawyers. I am in an auditorium movie theater there are bleachers where I meet Liza and tell her about needing to be at my sisters electrocution and she offers to go with me. I am so grateful I cry out of relief. I wake from this dream unable to go back to sleep and can’t figure out what the dream is about or why I dream It. I call Shirin and Sara feeling worried as if it is one one of them.

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